50% Cheaper than Normal Asphalt

Terms and Conditions

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Once a job is accepted it is deemed as a legally binding contract, Should you  wish to change the date of your job within the 10 Day window this will be accepted but a change fee will apply for 10% of your jobs value.

 By going ahead with a quote you understand that this is a recycled product and some foreign materials can end up in the product.

If we do not have any kerbing to go up against with the product the edges will remain partly soft and can loosen or push down thinner. We can also not guarantee perfectly straight lines / edges if we are not pressing the product up against kerbing or a wall. 

This product may take weeks, months to properly harden before large vehicles can be driven on it, Please consult the person who came out to do the quote for you to get a better idea of timing.

The product will also loosen slightly on top once vehicles start to drive on it. This is normal and should be expected. This product is not concrete and near hot mix asphalt.

You may also get some pooling of water in areas when it is raining just as you would out on the road surface. Our product is pretty absorbent and it wont take long for the water to leach away.